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Why can’t I enter my Google Authenticator PIN on a Bitocto account?

There are several reasons why you cannot enter your Google Authenticator PIN, including:

  1. Google Authenticator will provide a PIN with a duration of 30 seconds. If you enter the PIN too late then it will cause the PIN to not match.
  2. There is a time zone difference between the device and the Google Authenticator application. For example: You access from your laptop with the GMT + 7 time zone. But the Google Authenticator application that you use on your smartphone has a GMT + 8 time zone. This makes your PIN incompatible. Therefore use the same time zone settings on both devices.
  3. If you have run all the procedures correctly but there is still a mismatch in the Google Authenticator PIN. Then you can disconnect with Google Authenticator and reinstall the application.