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What is Bitocto referral system?

Each account will have a unique referral link where you can share the link on social media and invite your friends and relatives to join Bitocto. Thus, you will get 40% of the trading fee of people who register via your referral link and make transactions.

  • Referral reward in Rupiah (IDR).
  • Will be added to your IDR Bitocto balance no later than 24 hours after the transaction is done.
  • Follow how to view the referral link and the report below.
  • Only verified accounts are eligible for the rewards.

Somehow effortlessly increase your trading capital! What are you waiting for? Invite your friends to join and #StartWithBitocto right now!

How to access the Referral page via the Bitocto Android application:

  1. Select the PROFILE menu.

    Profil aplikasi Bitocto
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  3. aaa
  4. a
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