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Instant IDR Deposit Guide via Virtual Account

  1. Click DEPOSIT in your Indonesia Rupiah (IDR) wallet.

  2. Choose Virtual Account (Instant).
    Tutorial Deposit Bitocto - Bahasa Indonesia - step 1

  3. Choose virtual account bank you desired. Then click NEXT.
    Tutorial Deposit Bitocto - Bahasa Indonesia - step 2

  4. Follow the deposit instruction and please mind the reminder side note.

  5. Make sure the NAME of the virtual account matches the name of your Bitocto account.

  6. Do the transfer via M-Banking, ATM, or SMS Banking (choose one) to the virtual account number stated on deposit instruction.

  7. Double check the NAME and NUMBER of virtual account before you do the transfer.

  8. Once done, the amount transferred will be credited to your Bitocto IDR wallet, deducted by the virtual account admin fee of IDR 3,000 (for example, you transfer IDR 100,000 to your virtual account, the amount credited to your Bitocto IDR wallet balance will be IDR 97,000).

    Note :

    Friendly reminder that the banks available for virtual account services are not yet complete. If you wishes to do instant deposit using bank that is not listed in the virtual account option, you will be charged an inter-bank transfer fee, with the amount according to the policy of each bank.

    The inter-bank fee deduction will be charged to your bank account balance, not the Bitocto deposit balance, as will the virtual account admin fee deduction.

    For example, I do a deposit transfer to MANDIRI virtual account for IDR 100,000 using BCA bank account, the balance received in my Bitocto IDR wallet will be IDR 97,000 (after deducted by IDR 3,000 virtual account admin fee), and my bank account balance will be deducted by IDR 6,500 for inter-bank transfer fee.

    Should you choose to avoid the above fees, please choose the regular BANK TRANSFER option, where you are required to upload the proof of transfer and the process will take 30-60 minutes to be credited to your Bitocto IDR wallet.

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