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Instant Deposit Guide Via e-Wallet (Web & App)

Deposit via web

  1. Please click/tap DEPOSIT on your Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) wallet.

    Topup e-wallet di web

  2. Choose e-Wallet option.
  3. Choose your preferred e-Wallet (Ovo, Shopeepay, Dana, or Linkaja).

    Topup e-wallet di web 2

  4. Enter your mobile PHONE NUMBER attached to the e-wallet of your choice.
  5. Follow the instructions and pay attention to the reminder notes below it.
  6. Make sure the PHONE NUMBER that you input in the telephone number column matches the mobile number for your Bitocto account.
  7. Complete the e-wallet deposit in your preferred e-wallet application and follow the instructions on the e-wallet app.
  8. The balance will be automatically added to the account after the process is complete.
  9. You can also make an instant deposit via Virtual Account (VA), read more on this link. or via manual bank transfer, here.

Deposit via aplikasi

Topup e-wallet di app 1

  1. On the ASSET menu, click/tap the “+” icon in the Rupiah column.
    Topup e-wallet di app 2
  2. Click/tap DEPOSIT.
    Topup e-wallet di app 3
  3. Click/tap e-Wallet.
  4. Choose your preferred e-Wallet.
  5. Enter your mobile PHONE NUMBER.
  6. Click/Tap to approve the transaction you want to make.
  7. Follow the next instructions and complete the deposit procedure on the respective e-wallet app.

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