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How Do I Set Up Google Authenticator On My Account?

Here’s how to install Google Authenticator (GA) on your Bitocto account:

  1. Please download the Google Authenticator (GA) application through the Play Store for Android or the App Store for iOS.

  2. Then, on the Bitocto application/web platform, please select KEAMANAN/SECURITY and select GA.

  3. Scan the barcode that appears on the Bitocto application/web platform using the GA application on your phone.

  4. Enter the pin that appears in the GA application, into the column that is already available on the Bitocto application/web platform, then click KIRIM/SUBMIT, then you will receive an OTP SMS to the cellphone number that you registered on your Bitocto account.

  5. Then, enter the OTP number that you received and then input back in the column available on the Bitocto application/web platform.

  6. Activation successful, you can try to relogin.

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