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How To Do Taker Transaction (Instant)

Taker transaction 1

This transaction is instant execution. Namely, by buying or selling crypto assets at the price stated in the Order Book.

For example, let say we want to buy a certain amount of a crypto coin. Please look at the seller’s Order Book, the lowest price offered is the closest to the market’s Last Price.

Select and click the price in the Order Book.

Taker transaction 2

It will appear like the image above, a breakdown of how many crypto coins and exchange rates, and how much do we have to pay. However, looking at the IDR balance, the amount we want to buy will be lower than what is available in the Order Book.

Therefore we will click 75% as in the yellow circle to match the assets that we have, and buy-in the desired amount.

Taker transaction 3

Once all set, click BUY, and the crypto asset will directly show up in your Bitocto wallet.

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