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How To Do Maker Transaction (NOT Instant)

This transaction is NOT executed instantly, but must wait for a Taker to take the price you set.

Maker Transaction 1

Point A

Let say we want to buy crypto assets, take a look at Bitocto’s Last Price, and at the Sell Order Book, there is no price that you want.

That way you can create your own desired price according to your wants and targets, but you need to wait in the Buy Order Book line until a transaction opponent (buyer or seller) takes the price you set.

Point B

First, determine the exchange rate for the crypto asset you wanted.

Point C

Choose how many percent of your assets that you want to convert into these crypto assets. Here we choose 100% of the assets owned. The amount of 100% assets to be exchanged is stated in point E.

Point D

Here you can see how many crypto assets you will get.

Point F

Then you can click BUY (or sell, depends on the transaction).

Maker Transaction 2

After clicking BUY, you can see your order displayed inline in the Order Book; this is in order from the closest price to the Last Price to the furthest price.

So if the price you put is getting closer to the Last Price, it will later go up to the top of the Order Book.

Maker Transaction 3AMaker Transaction 3B

You can also see your Pending Order in Active Orders on the Trade menu or the Asset menu. This indicates that the transaction is still queued and has not been executed.

To cancel Active Order, you can click CANCEL in the Active Order option in the Trade menu.

Maker Transaction 4

If you agree and click YES, the Active Order will be canceled, and the assets will return to the wallet as before.

Maker Transaction 5

**NO fee charged to a CANCELED transaction.

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