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How do I submit a coin or token listing on Bitocto?

Bitocto Exchange aims to foster the blockchain ecosystem by supporting coins or tokens that have great innovation that adds value to the blockchain sector and also to our community.

To submit a request for a new coin or token, please contact [email protected], and include the following details in the field before sending it to us for reviewing process (please note that ONLY members affiliated from the project can submit the application):

  • Coin or Token name, symbol and logo
  • Bitocto verified account email
  • Description of your coin or token in detail
  • Launch date
  • Github link
  • Coin or Token specifications (algorithm, supply etc)
  • Fundraising methods and details (ICO, Pre-mine etc)
  • Existing exchange listing your coin or token
  • Block Explorer for your coin or token
  • Social media information
  • List of official team members and advisors (No anonymous teams, include Linkedin profiles etc)
  • Smart contract address and code review audit if any (for Tokens)

Bitocto Exchange reserves the right to refuse any listing. Do not believe any third-party individual or company that can act as a mediator for token/coin listing on Bitocto Exchange. The only decision made will only be from Bitocto Exchange after undergoing review process of the listing applicants.contac

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